Alarm Phone was informed about 150 people in a boat in distress in the Ionian Sea. Their engine had been broken since four days and they were drifting.
We alert the Hellenic Coast Guard via mail and phone. They say they are investigating, but claim to not have found the boat.
We inform as well the Maltese and Italian coast guards.
The next day the Hellenic Coast Guard still tells us they don't have any news.
We reach PoB, after more than 24 hours without contact. They tell us they were being taken to Greece.
We learn that they were rescued by the oil tanker Aristofanis and were brought to Palaiochora in Crete. Reportedly, a pregnant woman fell in the sea during the transhipment and lost her life. The people are imprisoned in the Amygdaleza detention center upon arrival.
After 1 month in prison, a big part of those held in Amygdaleza prison are released from detention. At least three people were accused of boat driving and are still held in prison.
We publish a detailed report. One of the survivors testifies the following:
We, a total of 154 people, young, old, women and children, left for Italy on September 20, 2021 a ship from Izmir, Turkey. Unfortunately, on September 23, our ship broke down in international waters near Italian waters and we start trying to left the ship over the water to survive our self. And finally, by setting fire to a car tire, a big oil tanker ship called Aristofanis came to us and 152 people were rescued after suffering one casualty. Than they bring us to Khaneya Island of Greece and on October 2 they bring us to Athens. As our aim is Italy and we have suffered the greatest psychological damage, I ask you to reach our voice to the humanitarian and immigrants organisations to take exceptional humanitarian action in the case of accepting this immigrant group, and we are ready to cooperate if documents are needed.