Category: Pushback and Human Rights Violations
Number of people: 120-130
We are informed about a boat in distress in the sea of Crete with 120-130 people on board. We do not manage to get in touch with the people on board and are lacking the information from when exactly the initial alert was.
We receive a message from one person on board who tells us they are ok, but that Greek authorities have intercepted the boat. We don't manage to find out where exactly they are.
Days later, we manage to speak with one of the people on board. He tells us :
The Greek dogs beat me and took my phone and everything and threw me on Turkey. They took my mobile, beat me and threw me in the sea. I swear that I do not want anything, except to go to Europe seeking freedom. But they took me and threw me back into Turkey in the state of Malatya.
We call the person who gives us more details on what happened during the pushback:
My brother I will tell you what happend exactly. I want only one thing: to reach Europe for freedom and safety, but I can't pass via Greece because they are so shitty. We crossed from Turkey from a city called Marsin. We went in a closed boat and sailed for 2 days in the middle of the sea. Then we finished the fuel. We were 120 persons including children and women among us - very young children. We asked Greece for rescue. We called them and asked for fuel and food. They answered that they will provide us with fuel and food. We trusted them and told ourselves that we will reach a safe place. We told them that we don't want to go to Greece and aim to reach Italy. They said: "Okay we don't want you here neither." Then the Greeks came with a big boat and did transhipments from our boat to theirs. They forced as to lay down on the deck. It was cold and rainy. They forced us back from the point I sent you. We were 10 hours under water in the cold. In addition, they took our phones and they were violent. When we approached the Turkish coast they threw us into the water, 50 meters in front of the beach. They put plastic bags on the water and forced all 120 people to leave the boat. Then we stayed 2 days lost on the forest. I'm now in a turkey, but I don't want to stay here. I want to go anywhere in Europe but not to Greece. They are so cruel. Please please please: Now in turkeys I have 3 little brothers and I have my old parents. I want to study but I can't. I'm working but I can't cover the charges. I need a country where I have some rights. Please help me. My mental health is deteriorated I can't support any more. They took my phone. I had to take a loan to have a phone to speak with people. Please, please help me.
We reach another person on board who confirms the story:
We were caught by the Greeks. They started to hit us and took our devices. They took everything and now we are pushed back to Turkey. Turkey welcomed us in a nice way and gave us food and clothes. But we want to reach Europe. Thanks God, but now we want to reach Germany in peace and safety.