We receive information by a relative of the people on board about a boat with about 60 people. According to the relative water is entering the boat and the boat is sinking. We alert the Hellenic Coast Guard via email and telephone.
We reach the people on the boat, but we hear only background noises. Then call breaks. We are never able to reestablish contact after that, even though we constantly try to reach the people.
The Hellenic Coast Guard tells us via phone they would be coordinating the rescue.
We contact the Hong Kong Shipping Company to ask if their boat the "Cosco shipping Aries" could assist the boat in distress. We also contact the Ferryboat Melina 2 for the same reason - they respond that they were already informed by the Hellenic Coast Guard and they are on their way for search and rescue. At around midnight a relative tells us that he recieved the information of one person that this person has been rescued, and that the phones of the other people were taken by the Hellenic Coast Guard. When we call the Hellenic Coast Guard they say that a Search and Rescue is still ongoing and do not want to give more detailed information.
We call the Hellenic Coast Guard again. They forward us to the press office. The press office tells us about an ongoing rescue operation south of Folegandros island that started during the night. There were 12 people rescued. According to the press office, there are contradictory info about the total number of people who were initially on the boat. Some of the survivors said they were 30, others 50.